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For a long time, I was in search of young blood, with compassion youth leadership, those can understand the real problems of people of JK/GB and take initiative to change the present miserable situation in the territory.By the grace to Almighty Allah that I have found a young energeticĀ  GROUP on Whatsapp.The group has accepted my request that instead of abusing each other on WhatsApp or participate in endless and nonproductive discussions, which has nothing to do with the real lives of ordinary people of the territory.The group has honored me and decided to discuss the only idea of how to bring prosperity and happiness in the lives of suffering humanity in JK/GB.After a long discussion within the group, we have selected the name for of project, that is “JKGB Development Initiative”All members of the group strictly follow the rules of the group and do not discuss any other topic then, except, only ideas of how to improve the life of the common person of JKGB.Discussion on Political, religious or another ideology has been prohibited in the group. It is a purely non-political group and all other political parties, religious groups are invited in the group to spread ideas of development in the territory.
After collective, intensive discussion within the group and with the help of these wonderful young blood leadership. I have written the article “Poverty Alleviation Initiative” which has been appreciated by a lot of people.But here, I would like to mention the name of highly respected in AJK, Kashmiri poets, intellectual, ex-bureaucrat Akram Sohail Sb. He has not only appreciated my article but also shares on his page.Last night, Mr.Kamran Khan on Dunya TV has confirmed my analysis of the brutal Banking system of Pakistan, which is working under corrupt, dishonest, ruthlessness mafia.But not sucking only blood of Kashmiris oversea workers /diaspora, but also an ordinary citizen of Pakistan.
ThankĀ  Mr.Kamran Khan that your analysis has boost up morals of my beloved members of “JKGB Development Initiative “All friends on Facebook have been requested to provide their email addresses so that I can share with them on above-mentioned development initiative proposals. Dear friends, your opinions would be highly appreciated
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